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Who would I rather invite to my house to discuss politics, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Herman Cain?

Newt Gingrich reminds me somewhat of an unhappy version of the Travelocity Roaming Gnome

As far as Mitt Romney is concerned the other Republican candidates are, as a group, the character Alec Guiness portrayed in The Bridge Over the River Kwai, Colonel Nicholson, who as he was dying uttered "What have I done" when he realized that he had aided the enemy.  It least he got to correct his mistake; he blew the damn bridge up.

Iran's military publicist should be removed for allowing the filming of the elite troops 'goose stepping' in parades, what a moron.

Is it just me, but isn't President Obama looking grayer and more somber these days.  It seems that it isn't as easy as it looks.

Is Herman Cain working for Newt Gingrich because after seeing Newt's own problems he would be the only other candidate that couldn't leak the "Women of Cain"?  Besides, Gingrich didn't have any extra cash.

Romney's campaign did have the extra cash.  Hummmmmm.

Will the Black/African-American vote have as much impact on the Presidential Election this time around?

Gasoline prices can be gauged just like the weather in New England: wait a few minutes and it will change.

Who would I rather invite to my dinner party purely for entertainment, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Herman Cain?