By Paula P

Voter ID Not a Threat to Voter Freedom in the Short Term or the Long Run

Journalist Judith Browne-Dianis' penned an article entitled Bloody Sunday: Then and Now details the hardship that she believes Black/African American will face trying to vote in the upcoming Presidential election.  She focuses on the new struggles that people without the required photo ID will face -- the opportunity to enjoy the right and liberty of all citizens of the United States, the right to cast a ballot.

Pennsylvania and Arizona have passed laws mandating photo IDs to begin in November in time for the Presidential election.  Proponents say the voter fraud in both states became so prevalent (especially in Arizona) that it was necessary to insure that the sacred right of having every vote count was in jeopardy. Opponents say that all this does is make it harder for poor and elderly to vote for who they want to, which is usaually those on the Democrat ticket. And besides the cost (some say about ten dollars, is a burden on an already burdened demographic). The proponents counter with the answer that IDs are free but that if a person has to get a birth certificate they have to pay for it themselves, ergo the $10.00.  Also, if a person does not have the necessary ID at the time of voting (in Pennsylvania) they will be allowed a provisionary ballot that has to be affirmed with the necessary ID within 6 days of the vote.  The elderly can be issued an ID in both states by the staff of whatever elderly building that they reside in for free.

Voting rights for Black/African Americans has always been recognized by all Americans as a gain for a voice while living free.  The U.S. history books do not reflect the blood, sweat and tears of this era in great detail but, merely provide efforts and results in brief writings, or a solo chapter, at best.  Today, in 2012 the upcoming Presidential election is the topic of discussion on every newsworthy channel, and through all social networks.  Many politicians and community activist credit the success of President Barak Obama's election, present day power and adulation as a result of increased voter participation by Black /African Americans voters who voted for him.  So, it is a source of contention for many now that a picture ID will be necessary for ALL to vote in the next election.

What's the problem?  Requesting ID for voting should not be an obstacle for ANYONE.  United States citizens are given many opportunities to apply, present and be recognized through amassing an of documentation that is acquired, from birth to the present.  ANYONE who has not been asked for a picture ID during the last year must not have had any daily or routine activity.  Most citizens have done at least one of the following:  Kept a doctor's appointment, traveled, cashed a check, bought alcohol and/or cigarettes, gained entrance into a hotspot club, applied for an in-store instant credit card, applied for a new driver's license, attended college, etc.  So, why is it going to be a major problem to show a picture ID to vote.  And, why would anyone not want to have a picture ID for identification to avoid being a victim of stolen ID or credit card fraud.  I am certain that social security checks, medicare/medicaid, welfare, disability checks and other government programs require participants to produce photo IDs.  To cry racism when requiring U.S. citizens to produce a photo ID is ludicrous.  And, if this is for all U.S. citizens, not just Black African Americans -- how is it racists?  Come on, stop using the race card for stupidity -- we are better than that; for those who don't have a photo ID today -- do whatever it necessary to get one.  Just think, you might play the lottery today and become a millionaire. You will need a photo ID to get your winnings.  Don't take a chance and lose out because you don't have a photo ID!!!