Our Kuchitahidi Archive  --  November
1st    1787 - African Free School, 1st free school in New York City, 
         1868 - 1st Civil Rights Act passes. 
         1901 - W.E.B. Dubois begins publication of the NAACP monthly
                   magazine, Crisis. 
         1945 - The 1st issue of Ebony magazine is published. 
         1964 - NAACP resumed operation in Alabama for the 1st time
                  since enjoined from 
                   operation in 1956. 
         1984 - South African Defense Force occupy townships.  
2nd   1930 - Haile Selassie I is crowned King of Ethiopia. 
         1954 - Charles diggs, Jr. was elected to the House of 
                    Representatives from  
                   Detroit, MI. 
         1983 - President Ronald Reagan signs a law designating the 3rd
                   Monday in January as Martin Luther King Day. 
3rd    1896 - J.H. Hunter patented portable weighing scales. 
         1926 - Carter G. Woodson initiates Negro History Week. 
         1961 - The American Anthropological Association officially
                   reaffirmed its belief in  
                   inherent equality of Blacks. 
         1974 - Harold Ford is elected to Congress from Tennessee. 
         1983 - Jesse Jackson announces his candidacy for President of
                   the United States. 
4th    1879 - T. Elkins patented the refrigerating apparatus. 
         1953 - Hulan Jack becomes the 1st African-American Manhattan 
                    N.Y. C. borough president. 
         1992 - Carol Moseley Braun becomes the 1st African-American
                   woman to be elected to the United States Senate. 
5th     1962 - Leroy Johnson was elected the 1st African-American to
                   sit in the State Legislature of Georgia since
          1968 - Shirley Chisholm becomes the 1st African-American to 
                    be elected to Congress. 
6th     1920 - James Weldon Johnson becomes the 1st African-
                   American executive Secretary of the NAACP. 
          1962 - Gerald Lamb is elected State Treasurer of Connecticut. 
7th     1950 - Alexa Canady, the 1st female African-American 
                    neurosurgeon, is born in Lansing, Michigan.   
          1955 - The Supreme Court ruled, banning segregation in public
                   recreational facilities, in a landmark Baltimore, Maryland 
          1967 - Charles Stokes of Cleveland, Ohio and Richard Hatcher
                   of Gary, Indiana are elected Mayor. 
          1989 - L. Douglass Wilder is elected Governor of Virginia. 
8th     1878 - Marshall Walter Taylor, "Major Taylor", the worlds fastest
                    bicycle racer for a 12 year period, is born in Indianapolis,
          1908 - Horace Mann Bond, educator, author, is born. 
          1962 - Edward Wm. Brooke, becomes the 1st African-American
                    elected Massachusetts Attorney General. 
          1966 - Edward Wm. Brooke becomes the 1st elected 
                     U.S.Senator since reconstruction. 
9th     1731 - Benjamin Banneker, Inventor, Mathematician, and
                   astronomer, is born in Ellicott City, Maryland(d.1796). 
          1868 - Howard Medical School is founded. 
          1901 - William Monroe Trotter founded the Guardia Newspaper, 
                     in Boston, Massachusetts. 
          1923 - Dorothy Dandridge is born(d.1965). 
10th   1775 - The British offers freedom to any slaves that will join
                   them against the Colonies during rhe Revolutionary War. 
          1891 - Inventor, Granville T. Woods patented the Electric 
          1961 - Andrew Hatcher is named associate Press Secretary to
                   President John F. Kennedy. 
11th   1782 - Elihu Embree, Tennessee emancipationist, is born. 
          1831 - Nat Turner, slave revolt leader is hanged in
                   Southampton, Virginia. 
          1890 - D. McCree patented the portable fire escape. 
          1984 - Reverand Martin Luther King, Sr.,"Daddy King", dies. 
12th   1879 - Bert Williams, pioneering actor and comedian, is born. 
          1922 - Sigma Gamma Rho sorority is organized by Mary Lou
                   Allison and six other teachers.        . 
          1941 - Madame Lillian Evanti and Mary Cardwell Dawson
                   establish the National Negro Opera Company. 
          1967 - Pearl Bailey opens in an all African-American cast of 
                    "Hello Dolly" of  Broadway. 
13th   1913 - Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, pioneering surgeon, becomes a
                   member of the American College of Surgeons 
          1922 - The given official date of the beginning of the "Black
                   Renaissance", in Harlem, New York. 
          1940 - The United States Supreme Court rules in Hansberry vs 
                    Lee that African-Americans cannot be barred from 'white' 
          1962 - The 1st African-American to be elected to represent a 
                    California District in the House of representatives was 
                    Augustus Hawkins. 
14th   1878 - It is reported that Opera Singer Marie Selika, along with
                   her husband, baritone Sampson Williams, perform in a
                   private conscert in the White House Green Room for
                   President and Mrs. Hayes. 
          1915 - Booker T. Washington, educator, orator, and founder of 
                     Institure, dies. 
          1985 - Makeda Wilson is born.
15th   1825 - African-American feminist Sarah Jane Woodson is born
                   in Chillicother, Ohio. 
          1887 - Granville T. Woods patented his Synchronous Multiplier 
                    Railway Telegraph. 
          1928 - African-American Tenor, Roland Hayes, opens his fifth
                    American Tour with a sold out concert at Carnegie Hall
                    in Manhattan, New York. 
          1960 - United States Marshalls escort 4 African-American girls
                    to two New Orleans schools. 

16th   1873 - W. C. Handy, musician and recognized "father of the
                   Blues", is born. 
          1892 - King Behanzin of Dahomey(now Benin), leads soldiers
                   against the French. 
17th   1636 - Henrique Diaz, Brazilian General wins a decisive battle
                   against the Dutch in Brazil. 
          1828 - Reverand Lott Carey, early missionary to Africa, dies in
          1980 - WHMM-TV in Washington, D.C. becomes the 1st
                   African-American public broadcasting television station. 
18th   1797 - Sojourner Truth, slave and abolitionist, is born(d.1883) 
          1803 - Haitian army defeats the army of Napoleon at Vertieres. 
          1900 - Dr. Howard Thurman, theologeon and the 1st African-
                   American to hold a full-time position at Boston University, 
                    is born. 
          1918 - Howard University local chartered as the American
                   Federation of Teachers 
                    1st higher education local. 
          1958 - Robert N.C. Nix was elected congressman from
19th    1493 - Island of Puerto Rico is discovered. 
           1863 - President Abraham Lincoln gives his Address at
                    Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 
           1985 - Stepin Fetchit, comic actor in over 40 comic films, dies. 
20th    1695 - Zumbi Dos Palmares, Brazillian leader of a hundred
                    year old rebel slave  
                    group, is killed in an ambush. 
           1893 - Bishop Payne, founder of Wilberforce University, dies. 
           1895 - Singer Sallie Martin is born(d.1988). 
           1910 - Pauli Murry, 1st female African-American to be ordained
                     in the Episcopal Church, is born. 
           1923 - Garret Morgan invented and patented the traffic light. 
21st    1865 - Shaw University is founded in Raleigh, N.C. 
           1866 - Duse Mohammed Effendi, Egyptian Pan-Africanist, is
           1904 - Jazz saxaphonist, Coleman Hawkins, is born(d.1969) 
           1930 - The Nation of Islam is founded by
22th    1832 - Dan "Daddy" Rice performs his minstrel routine, 'Jim
                    Crow' for the 1st time  
                    at the Bowery Theatre in New York.  The term later
                    became synonomous with racial discrimination. "Jim
                    Crow" laws involved systematic bias against  
           1897 - J.L. Love patents the pencil sharpener. 
           1986 - George Branham is the 1st African-American to win a
                    Professional Bowlers Association title. 
23rd    1897 - Andrew J. Beard patents his invention, the "Jerry
                    Coupler", still used to this day to connect railroad cars. 
           1961 - In professional baseball,Frank Robinson is voted "Most
                    Valuable Player", the 1st African-American to hold that
24th    1868 - Scott Joplin, originator of "Ragtime" music, is born in
                    Texarkana, Texas. 
           1912 - Pianist and Composer, Teddy Wilson, is born(d.1986). 
           1962 - President John F. Kennedy issued Executive Order
                     barring racial discrimination in all Federally assisisted
25th    1955 - Segregation in buses and terminals banned by the
                    interstate commerce commission. 
           1979 - Richard Arrington is inaugarated as the 1st African-
                    American mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. 
26th    1866 - Rust College is found in Holly Springs, Mississippi. 
           1883 - Sojourner Truth, abolitionist, dies. 
           1895 - The Negro National Medical Association is founded. 
           1970 - Playwright, Charles Gordone, receives the Pulitzer Prize
                     for drama for his play,"No Place To Be Somebody". 
27th    1942 - Guitarist and vocalist, Jimi Hendrix, is born in Seattle,  
28th    1958 - Chad gained its independence. 
           1961 - Ernie Davis becomes the 1st African-American to win
                     the Heisman Trophy. 
           1965 - Detroit, Michigan Congressman John Conyers becomes
                     the 1st African-American to sit on the Judiciary 
           1966 - Mauritania gained its independence. 
29th    1887 - Granville T. Woods patents his most famous invention, 
                      the Railway Induction Telegraph System. 
           1905 - The Chicago Defender newspaper begins publication. 
           1908 - Thurgood Marshall, the 1st African-American Associate
                     Justice of the U.S. 
                     Supreme Court is born(d.1992). 
           1908 - Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Congressman and Civil 
                     Rights leader, from New York, is born in New Haven
           1960 - Richard Wright, Writer and Novelist(Native Son), dies in
                    Paris, France. 
30th    1830 - The American Society of Free Persons of Color met for
                     the 1st time in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
           1912 - Filmmaker and photographer, Gordon Parks, is born. 
           1924 - Shirley Chisolm, the 1st African-American 
                      Congresswoman, is born. 
           1953 - Congressman and Secretary of Agriculture in the Clinton
                     Administration, Michael Espy, is born. 
           1966 - Barbados gains its independence.