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May 4, 2011

Who will cry for O(U)sama Bin Laden? It will easier to list those that won't.  I won't.  Those close to me won't.  The relatives of those that were killed and injured on September 11, 2001 certainly won't.  Any politician who wants to remain in office, won't.  Muslims/Moslems who are not militant bent will not.  Muslims/Moslems who are militant bent might, but not in public.  America in general will not.  America's friends will not.  America's enemies will not, in public.  O(U)sama Bin Laden is just not someone who's death will garner much sadness or symphathy,  in this country, or from this country's allies and friends.

There are those who will mourn his passing.  Al Queada, the Taliban, Islamic Militants, Muslims that are not militant but feel that their way of life has been under attack, before and after September 11, 2001 by the west with the United States in the lead[O(U)sama Bin Laden spoke for them].  Converted Muslim Americans who sympathize with the concerns of those Muslims who are not militant but will feel the need to stretch their collective psyche to go both ways in their confusion.

African Americans who have converted to Islam, or are second or third generation Muslims through family tradition are the most confused as they are literally drawn to the rules and confines of at least two masters.
If they are not already converted to militancy.  These African Americans have the tenants of true Islam to adhere to and the Five Pillars to obey.  Yet, they have been raised to understand that the country that they live in is a country that has a Constitution that is in place to protect, and if needed, punish the citizens that live in it. What to do? What to do?

You do what all practitioners of other religions that have come to this country to continue the practice of their particular religion and yet thrive economically, have done.  First keep to as much orthodoxy as possible. As time and generations go by those parts of the religion that can be used within the society are kept while other parts are put aside, sometimes forever.  That is inevitable.  Take for example the New Humanism of the Jewish faith and the many division or sections(sects) of the Christian ethic.  The keepers of the Orthodox of the  Islamic faith in this country have the same problems in keeping the youth involved in carrying on the strict traditions of the faith; as evidenced by the problems experienced by the fathers and husbands that have immigrated to these shores with their daughters and/or wives.  Those that cannot afford to send their children to Islamic schools run the risk of having outside influences counter balance or conflict with the influences of the parents, mainly the father who has the responsibility of leading the family in all religions.  Especially so in pure Islam, as the children belong to the father after weaning.  Some immigrant fathers have injured or even killed their wives and daughters as a response to what they considered as an unforgiveable  non-adherance to religeous law, in this case Sharia Law.  African American parents know that they can only hope to point their children in the right direction, because after a certain age Constitutional law gives their children certain rights as free born, free willed individuals to consider for themselves.  What to do? What to do?  Osama Bin Laden and others like him preached adherence to Shariat Law (I say as a pretense for action) and that won followers who were for that part of the militant creed. The other parts the militants could keep. Especially the killing of others in the name of Islam.

Yes, O(U)sama Bin Laden lies cold underneath millions of metric tons of sea water. Some are glad, some are sad.  What we do not want is some group of school children somewhere in the world singing in Arabic this remaking of an old childrens song:  
                             Osama lies under the Ocean
                             Osama lies under the Sea
                             Osama lies under the Ocean
                             Bring Back Osama to me
                             Bring Back, bring back
                             Bring Back Osama to me, to me
                            Bring Back , bring back.
                            Bring back Osama to me.

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