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Greetings from Nepal,
Two days left before departing Nepal; it has been quite a journey.  All of our days have been packed with activity from morning till night.  We expected several slow days to close out our time here, but the schedule seems to fill up day after day.
Since our last note, we have traveled to Trishuli, the town where our school, the National Bethel Academy, is located.  Photos below show the school and an outside assembly, which includes exercise for the children.  To date things are going well, but we are beginning to realize the difficulty of persuading qualified teachers to live in a location so remote from Kathmandu.  This will be the biggest challenge going forward.
Since returning, we have met individually with each of the 16 Grads to discuss their education, their careers, their health issues, family situations, etc.
Last Saturday we attended a small Nepali church where 4 of the Grads that we help to support led the worship and prayer for the 2 hour service.  Photos below show the 4 boys in the service and all of the Grads at the retreat held the previous week.
Tomorrow we are off to worship at another church - yes it will be Saturday, that's the only day most Nepalis do not work.
We hope to be home late Monday evening, God willing.
Terry & Dave

National Bethel Academy


Primary student assembly at NBA


16 Sponsored Prison Fellowship Grads on our retreat

4 Grads leading worship (Future Grad playing drums!)