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LIFE-GUARD   God is our LifeGuard, through every situation that we face here, on earth. 
          E-ever lasting faith

We need God's love and guidance.

PeaceKeeper - No Bullying Allowed
As a retired teacher with 32 years of service, I have made a stand, on numerous occasions, to halt bullying that I witnessed in my classroom and in the hallways of an inner-city high school.  Every one can make a stand against bullying by letting children know that you do not tolerate bullying.  As a respected Christian, you can let others know that you are a witness to this wrong-ful act and that you will respond by taking action -- whether by intervening on your own or summonsing authority to act.  We must protect our children -- they are the future!!!

PeaceKeeper - Spirit-Filled
For the "young ones" to let others know that they love the Lord; they are peace-keepers and seek to live a life, founded on love, peace and harmony.

Witness Protection
As we live in this world, we are confronted by daily life with situations -- whether we witness an act that is not of God or we choose to participate in the judicial system to "right a wrong", we are protected by God.  We are a witness to God's love and blessings and we actively use every situation to share with others of His goodness, grace and mercy.


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