1st     1808 - The Slave trade is abolished in the U.S.
          1863 - Black slavery is abolished, by law.
2nd    1898 - Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander, the 1st African-
                     American to earn a Ph.D in economics, is born
                     in Philadelphia, PA.
          1966 - Kivie Kaplan, Boston, Massachusetts industrialist
                     succeeds A.B. Spingarn as President of the
3rd     1621 - William Tucker is the 1st African-American to be 
                      born in the United States.
          1961 - Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. assumes the
                     chairmanship of the House Education and Labor
                     Committee of the U. S. Congress.
          1971 - The 1st meeting of the Congressional Black
          1985 - Leontyne Price gives her last performance at the
                     Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.
4th     1920 - Andrew "Rube" Foster organizes the 1st African-
                     American Baseball League:  The Negro
                     National League.
          1958 - Archie A. Alexander former Governor of the Virgin
                     Island dies.
5th     1911 - Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is chartered as a
                      National organization.
          1943 - George Washington Carver, agricultural scientist,
6th    1911 - Charles Sumner, abolistionist and equal rights
                     advocate, is born.
7th    1903 - Folklorist and novelist, Zora Neale Hurston, is
         1955 - Marian Anderson debuts as the 1st African-
                    American female singer in a production at the
                    Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.
8th    1811 - Louisiana Slave rebellion led by Charles
                    Deslander takes place.
         1867 - Bill passed by Congress, despite President 
                     Andrew Jackson"s veto, giving  African-Americans
                     in the District of Columbia the right to vote.
         1912 - The African National Congress is founded.
         1922 - Col. Charles Young, 1st African-American to
                    acheive that rank in the United States Army, dies
                    in Lagos, Nigeria.
         1960 - George E. Haynes, sociologist, co-founder of the 
                    National Urban League and the 1st African-
                    American to receive a Ph.D from Columbia
                    University, dies.
9th    1866 - Fisk University is founded in Nashville, TN.
         1906 - Renouned poet and writer, Paul Lawrence 
                     Dunbar, dies.
         1914 - Phi Beta sigma, Inc. is founded at Howard
         1922 - Sekou Toure is born.
         1946 - Teacher and Poet, Countee Cullen, dies in
                     Harlem, N.Y.
10th  1864 - George Washington Carver, agriculture scientist, is
         1967 - Edward W Brooke is sworn in as the 1st African-
                    American Senator to be  elected since
11th  1965 - Lorraine Hansberry author of a "Raisin in the Sun",
                    dies in Harlem, NYC.
         1985 - Rueben V. Anderson becomes the 1st African-
                    American to be appointed judge on the Mississippi
                    Supreme Court.
12th 1923 - The 1st issue of Opportunity magazine is
                    published by the Urban League.
        1957 - The Southern Christian Leadership Conference is
13th 1913 - Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is founded at
                    Howard U.
14th 1940 - Julian Bond, Georgia's 1st African-American
                    Senator, is born.
15th 1929 - Dr. Martin Luther King is born in Atlanta, Georgia.

16th  1901 - Hiram P. Revels dies in Aberdeen, Mississippi.
         1920 - Zeta Phi Beta Sorority is founded.
         1978 - Maj. Guion S. Buford, Jr., Maj. Frederick D.
                    Gregory, and Dr. Ronald E. McNair join NASA's
                    astronaut training program. 
17th 1882 - Lewis Lattimer is assigned a patent for the
                    process of manufacturing carbons.
        1942 - Muhammad Ali is born in Louisville, Kentucky.
        1996 - Barbara Jordan, politician, lawyer and activist,
18th 1830 - David Walker publishes militant anti-slavery
                    pamplet,  Walker's Appeal.
        1858 - Daniel Hale Williams the 1st physician to perform
                    open heart surgery and founder of Provident
                    Hospital in Chicago, is born.
19th 1887 - Clementine Hunter, " The Black Grandma Moses",
                     is born in Natchitoches, LA.
        1918 - John H. Johnson, founder of the Johnson
                    Publishing Company and publisher of African-
                    American magazines Digest '42, Ebony '45, Tan
                    '50 and Jet '51, is born.
20th 1788 - Andrew Bryan is ordained as the 1st Pastor of The
                    African Baptist Church, in Yamacraw, Savannah,
        1947 - Josh Gibson, Negro Leagues star and National
                    Baseball Hall of Fame member, dies.
        1986 - America celebrates the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther
                    Kings' birthday for the 1st time.
21st 1824 - Osai Tutu Kwamina defeats British at Assamaka,
        1964 - Carl T. Rowan is named director of the U.S.
                     Information Agency.   
22nd 1793 - Benjamin Banneker, African-American
                   astronomer helped survey and plan the city of
                   Washington, D.C.
        1871 - Justina Ford, 1st female African-American
                   physician in Denver, colorado, is born in
                   Knoxville,  Illinois.
23rd 1964 -The 24th Amendment is ratified, abolishing the
                   Poll tax.
24th 1962 - Jackie Robinson becomes the 1st African-
                   American to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of
        1985 - Tom Bradley, 4 term mayor of Los Angeles,
                    receives the NAACP Spingarn Medal.
25th 1966 - Constance Baker Motley becomes the 1st
                   African- American woman to be appointed to a
                   federal judgeship.
26th 1863 - The 1st all African-American regiment in the
                   Union Army, The Massachusetts 54th, is
       1944 - Angela Davis, political activist and educator, is
                   born in birmingham, Alabama.
       1961 - Carl T. Rowan is appointed Deputy Assistant
                  Secretary for Public Affairs in the Johnson
27th1972 - "Queen of Gospel Song", Mahalia Jackson, dies
                   in Evergreen, Park, Illinois, at the age of 60.
       1972 -  Shirley Chisholm, 1st African-American 
                   congresswoman announces her candidacy for
                  president of the U. S.
28th1901 - Richard Barther, sculptor, is born in New
                  Orleans, LA.
       1944 - Mattew Henson receives a joint medal from
                  Congress as co-discover of the North Pole.
       1960 - Zora Neale Hurston, called the "most prominent
                  and prolific female African-American writer of the
                  '20s, '30s and '40s", dies in poverty, in Fort
                  Pierce, Florida.
29th1837 - Alexander Puskin, "The Father of Russian
                  Literature", dies.
       1926 - Violette Neatley Anderson is the 1st African-
                  American woman admitted to practice before the
                  United States Supreme Court.
30th1844 - Richard Theodore Greener becomes the 1st
                  African-American to graduate from Harvard
       1970 - Joseph L. Searles III becomes the 1st African-
                  American proposed to hold a seat on the New
                  York Stock Exchange.
31st1865 - The 13th Amendment to the Constitution is
                   passed by the House of Representatives of the
                   United States Congress.
       1919 - The 1st African-American baseball player to
                   play in the Major Leagues, Jackie Robinson, is born.

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