Our Kujitahidi Archive  -- April
1st       1868 - The Hampton Institute (now university) is founded in
            1930 - Zawditu, the 1st female monarch of Ethiopia, dies.
            1950 - Dr. Charles R. Drew, world famous in the field of 
                       medicine, discover of the the method of storing blood
                       plasma, is killed, in an automobile accident.

2nd     1796 - Toussaint L'Ouverture appointed Commander-in-Chief
                      of French forces in St. Domingo.
           1918 - Renowned artist Charles White is born in Chicago, 
           1941 - Singer, Marvin Gaye, is born in Washington, D.C.
3rd     1950 - Attorney General MacGrath and Solicitor General 
                      Perlman argue before the United States Supreme Court
                      for the reversal of the 1896 ruling (plessey vs 
                      Ferguson) which upheld segregation.
           1963 - The Birmingham Manifesto.
           1984 - John Thompson of Georgetown University becomes
                      the 1st African-American coach to win the NCAA 
                       basketball tournament.
           1996 - United States Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown, is
                       killed in plane crash in Bosnia.
           1996 - Carl Stokes, the 1st African-American mayor of a major 
                      U.S. city(Cleveland, Ohio), dies.

4th     1915 - Blues singer and guitarist, McKinley Morganfield aka
                      Muddy Waters is born(d.1980)
          1928 - Author Maya Angelou is born in St. Louis, MS.
          1939 - Jazz trumpet player, Hugh Masekela, is born.
          1968 - The Reverand Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated at
                      the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, TN.

5th     1856 - Educator and founder of Tuskegee Institute is born.
          1937 - Colin Powell, 1st African-American to serve as Chief of
                      Staff of the Military, is born in New York City.

6th    1905 - W. Warrick Cardozo, physician and pioneering 
                     researcher on sickle cell anemia, is born in Washington, 
         1909 - Matthew Henson leads a party of six explorers to the 
                    place " where the only direction one can go is south ",
                    the north pole, becoming the 1st to reach 90 degrees

7th   1743 - Toussaint L'Ouverture, let the slaves revolt on the 
                    French half of the Island of Hispaniola in 1789.
        1915 - Jazz legend-Blues singer and composer, Billie Holiday,
                    is born.
        1927 - Percussionist, Mongo Santamaria, is born in Cuba.

8th   1922 - Song stylist, Carmen McRae, is born(d.1994)
        1974 - Baseball Hall of Famer, Henry"Hank"Aaron, sets new 
                    homerun record with # 715, ending his career with 755.

9th   1866 - The 1st Civil Rights Act passes over presidential veto.
        1891 - Lawyer, actor, singer and civil rights activist, Paul
                   Robeson is born(d.1974)
        1939 - Marian Anderson sings before a crowd of 75,000 at a
                   concert on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.
        1943 - Tennis great Arthur Ashe, is born.

10th 1816 - Richard Allen is elected the 1st Bishop of the African
                    Methodist Episcopal Church.
        1943 - Arthur Ashe, 1st African-American to win the U.S. Open
                   and men's singles title at Wimbleton, is born in 
                   Richmond, Va.

11th 1899 - The man dubbed the "Soybean Chemist, Percy Lavon 
                    Julian, creator of a soybean based cortisone used in the
                    treatment of arthritis, is born in Montgomery, Alabama.
        1908 - The 1st female African-American judge in the United
                    States, is born Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
        1968 - The second Civil Rights Act is passed.
        1979 - Brutal Dictator, Idi Amin, is overthrown in Uganda. 

12th 1787 - The Free African Society of Philadelphia is founded by
                    Absolom Jones and Richard Allen
        1861 - The Civil War begins with the firing on Fort Sumpter, 
                    South Carolina.

13th 1907 - Harlem Hospital opens in New York, N.Y.
        1944 - The United Negro College Fund was founded by Dr.
                    Frederick D. Patterson, President of Tuskeegee 

14th 1775 - The 1st anti-slavery society, the Pennsylvania Society 
                    for the Abolition of Slavery, is organized.
        1960 - The Motown Record Corporation is incorporated.  

15th 1889 -  Asa Phillip Randolph, Labor Leader and civil rights 
                    advocate, ia born in Crescent Way, Fla.
        1894 - Blues singer, Bessie Smith, who during her lifetime
                   was known as the "The Empress of the Blues", is born(d.1936).
        1960 - The Student Non-violent Coordinating
                    Committee(SNCC), is founded at Shaw University in 
                    Raleigh, N.C. 

16th  1862 - Congress passed bill ending slavery in Washington.D.C.
         1864 - Acclaimed soprano-baritone singer Flora Batson is born
                     in Washington, D.C.
         1918 - Concert singer Carol Brice is born.
         1947 - Lew Alcindor(Kareem Abdul Jabbar) is born.

17th  1758 - Francis Williams, 1st United States African-American
                     college graduate publishes a collection of poems, in latin.

18th  1977 - Alex Haley is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, 
         1983 - Alice Walker is awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her novel,
                     The Color Purple.

19th  1775 - On the day of the "Shot Heard Round The world", 
                     beginning the American Revolutionary War, slave 
                     Prince Estabrook is wounded in the first skirmish but
                     survives to fight throughout the war in Washington's 
         1910 - The Urban League is founded.
         1938 - Nana Annor Adjaye, Pan-Africanist, dies in West Nzima,

20th  1853 - Harriet Tubman initiates freedom trail from the south to
                     the north that would eventually be known as the 
                     underground railroad.
         1860 - Slave abolitionist, Harriet Tubman, conducts her last trip 
                    south to bring back slaves on the underground railroad.
         1866 - Fisk University is founded in Nashville, TN.

21st  1526 - Africans arrive with Spanish at St. Augustine's in
         1966 - PFC. Milton Lee Ovlive is awarded the Medal of Honor
                    posthumously for bravery during the Viet-Nam War.

22nd 1526 - The 1st Slave revolt occurs in South Carolina.
         1740 - Future Business leader and one of the 1st African 
                    Americans to purchase property in New Hampshire is
                    sold into slavery in Boston.

23rd 1856 - Granville T. Woods, inventor, is born.
         1872 - Charlotte E. Ray becomes the 1st female African-
                    American lawyer.
         1913 - National Urban League is founded.

24th 1884 - The Medico-Chirurgical Society of Washington, D. C., 
                    the 1st African-American medical society is formed.
         1944 - The United Negro College Fund is established.

26th  1785 - John James Audubon, artist and ornithologist, is born.
         1798 - Escaped slave, explorer, pioneer and adoptee of the
                    Crow Indian nation, Jim Beckworth, is born.
         1844 - Jim Beckworth discovers the pass through the Sierra
                    Nevada Mountains, that bears his name.

27th  1927- Civil Rights activest Coretta Scott King is born in
                    Marion, Alabama.

28th  1831 - Eliza Ann Gardner, Underground Railroad Conductor is

29th  1899 - Renowned Jazz composer and musician, Edward
                     Kennedy "Duke" Ellington, is born in Washington, D.C.
         1985 - The 1st African-American astronaut, Colonel Frederick
                     Gregory, pilots the space shuttle Challenger.

30th  1926 - Bessie Coleman, the 1st licensed female African-
                     American pilot dies.

Marvin Gaye
Colin Powell