Our Kuchitahidi Archive  - - September
1st    1867 - Robert T Freeman becomes the 1st African-American to graduate from 
                   the Harvard University Dental School. 
         1970 - Dr. Hugh Scott of Washingtyon D.C., becomes the 1st African-American 
                   Superintendant of schools in a major U.S. city. 
         1979 - Hazel Johnson becomes the 1st woman African-American General in the 
                   U.S. Army. 
2nd   1956 - The Tennessee National Guard is sent to Clinton to quell mobs 
                   demonstrating against school desegragation. 
         1975 - Joseph W. Hatcher of Tallahassee, Florida becomes that statess first  
                   African-American Supreme Court Justice since reconstruction. 
3rd    1838 - Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery, disquised as a sailor. 
         1915 - Peter Chapman(Memphis Slim), blues artist, is born(d.1988). 
         1979 - Donald F. McHenry follows Andrew Young as U.S. Ambassador to the  
                    United Nations, after Young's resignation. 
4th    1848 - Lewis Latimer, inventor and engineer, is born. 
         1908 - Richard Wright, novelist, is born(d.1965). 
         1957 - Arkansas Gov..Orval Faubus calls out the National Guard to bar African- 
                    -American students from  entering a Little Rock High School. 
5th    1859 - The 1st novel by an African-American woman, Harriet E. Wilson, Our
                   Nig, is published. 
         1915 - The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History is organized by 
                   Carter G. Woodson. 
         1960 - Leopold Sedar Sengher, poet and politician, is elected President of
6th    1963 - A bomb explodes in a Birmingham, Alabama, U. S. A. church, killing four 
                    little African-American girls. 
         1968 - Swaziland gains it's independence. 
         1988 - Lee Roy Young, becomes the 1st African-Ameerican Texas Ranger, in
                   the force's then 165 year history. 
7th    1822 - Brazil gains it's independence. 
         1939 - Jazz saxaphonist, Sonny Rollins, is born. 
         1954 - Integration of public schools in Baltimore, MD. and Washington, D.C.  
8th    1965 - Dorothy Dandridge,  nominated for an Oscar for her performance in  
                   "Carmen Jones", dies. 
         1974 - Guinea Bissau gains it's independence. 
         1981 - Roy Wilkins, executive director of the NAACP, dies while in office. 
9th    1927 - Jazz drummer, Elvin Jones, is born. 
         1941 - R&B singer, Otis Redding, is born.(d.1967) 
         1957 - A new elementary school in Nashville, TN, with an enrollment consisting
                  of 368 whites and 1 African-American, is destroyed by a dynamite blast. 
         1968 - Arthur Ashe wins at Wimbleton(Tennis). 
         1974 - Frank Robinson becomes the 1st African-American manager in Major  
                   League Baseball(Cleveland). 
10th   1847 - John Roy Lynch, is the 1st African-American to deliver the keynote  
                    address at a Republican National Convention(1864), is born. 
          1886 - Georgia Douglass Johnson, is born(d.1967) 
          1928 - Hoyt W. Fuller, publisher and writer, is born(d.1981). 
          1965 - Jomo Kenyatta aka Burning Spear, returns to Kenya from Exile; during 
                    which time he was elected president of Kenya National African Union. 
11th    1740 -The 1st mention of an African-American Doctor or Dentist  in the 
                    colonies is made in the Pennsylvania Gazette. 
          1962 - Hobart Taylor, Jr. was appointed executive vice-chairman of the  
                    President's  Equal Opportunity Committee. 
          1974 - Emperor Haille Sellasie I is deposed from the Ethiopian throne. 
12th   1913 - Track and field star, Jesse Owens, is born in Oakville, Alabama(d.1980). 
13th   1663 - Earliest recorded slave rebellion. 
          1881 - Lewis Latimer invents and patents the electric lamp with a carbon
          1886 - Rhodes Scholar and Professor of Howard University, Alain L. Locke, is 
14th   1916 - AFT local #9, an all African-American union from Washington D.C., is  
          1921 - Constance Baker Morley, 1st African-American women to be appointed 
                     a federal judge is born. 
          1962 - U.S. Supreme Court vacated an order of the lower court and ruled that 
                     the University of Mississippi must admit James H. Meredith. 
15th    1821 - Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras all gain  
           1830 - The 1st Negro Convention begins in Philadelphia, PA. 
           1921 - Elma Lewis is born. 
           1924 - Vocal stylist and pianist, Bobby Short, is born. 
           1928 - Saxaphonist and vocalist, Julian"Cannonball"Adderly, is born(d.1975). 
           1963 - Alabama National Guard is federalized by President Kennedy to prevent 
                      George Wallace's using the guardsmen to stop school desegregation

16th    1848 - Slavery abolished in all French territories. 
           1925 - Blues great B.B. King is born in Indianola, Mississippi. 
           1966 - Ms. Patricia Roberts Harris, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, was  
                      confirmed as a United Nations alternate representative from the U.S. 
17th    1879 - Andrew "Rube" Foster, father of Negro Leagues Baseball, born in  
                      Galveston, TX. 
           1956 - African-American studentss entered elementary school in Clay, 
                      Kentucky under National Guard protection. 
18th     1850 - Fugitive Slave Act is passed for the 2nd time. 
            1951 - Dr. Benjamin Soloman Carson, Sr., neurosurgeon, is born, in Detroit,
19th     1818 - Chile gains independence. 
            1881 - Tuskeegee Institute is opened by Booker T. Washington, in Alabama. 
            1989 - Gordon Parks' film, The Learning Tree, is among the 1st films to be  
                        registered by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress. 
20th     1830 - The National Negro Convention convenes in Philadelphia, with the  
                        purpose for abolishing slavery by boycotting slavery produced goods. 
            1885 - "Jelly Roll" Morton, born(d.1941) 
            1891 - Laming Gueye, Senegalese political leader, is born in Meine, Mali. 
            1962 - James Meredith was personally denied admission to the University 
                       of Mississippi by Governor Ross R. Barnett. 
21st     1909 - Kwame Nkrumah is born(d.1972) 
            1962 - Gov. Ross Barnett defies orders of Federal Court and interferes with 
                       Meredith's attempts to enter the University of Mississippi to register. 
            1989 - General Colin Powell is confirmed by the U. S. Senate as chairman 
                       of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 
22nd     1915 - Xavier University, the 1st African-American Catholic College opens in  
                       New Orleans, LA. 
             1960 - Mali gains independence. 
             1961 - The interstate commerce commission outlawed segregation in all 
                        trains, buses and terminals involved in interstate commerce.  The 
                        order to take place 11/1/61. 
23rd     1863 - Mary Church Terrell, educator, civil rights advocate, is born in  
                        Memphis, TN. 
             1868 - Grito De Lares (Puerto Rico rebels against Spain). 
             1926 - Jazz legend, saxaphonist, John Coltrane is born(d.1967). 
             1932 - Ray Charles, singer - pianist, is born. 
             1935 - Les McCann, vocalist, composer and pianist, is born. 
24th      1825 - Poet,Frances E. W. Harper, is born. 
             1894 - E. Franklin Frazier, 1st African-American president of The American 
                        Sociological Society, is born. 
             1957 - Desegregation of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. 
25th      1861 - Secretary of the Navy authorizes enlistment of African-Americans as 
                        Union sailors. 
             1957 - Soldiers of the 101st Airborne escort 9 African-American children to  
                        Central High School, in Little Rock, Arkansas. 
             1964 - FRELIMO begins armed struggle. 
             1974 - Barbara W. Hancock is the 1st African-American woman to be named 
                        a White House Fellow. 
26th      1867 - Maggie L. Walker,  business and civic leader,  1st African-American 
                         woman bank president in the U.S., is born. 
             1936 - Winnie Mandela, is born. 
             1937 - Bessie Smith, "The Empress of The Blues", is born. 
27th      1822 - Hiram B. Revels, is born. 
             1935 - James Weldon Johnson, begins his 2nd series of lectures at N.Y. U. 
             1867 - Howard University is founded in Washington, D.C. 
             1944 - Stephanie Pogue, artist and professor, is born in Shelby, N.C.  
28th      1912 - W.C. Handy published Memphis Blues. 
             1963 - A. Leon Higginbotham was nominated as a federal judge for Eastern 
29th       1948 - Bryant Gumbel, 1st African-American to anchor a national network  
                          morning news and entertainment program, is born. 
              1954 - S. Richardson, was named chairman of the Federal Parole Board. 
                        The 1st African-American to serve on this board. 
              1975 - 1st African-American owned radio station, WGPR-TV,  Detroit. 
30th       1935 - Famed vocal stylist Johnny Mathis, is born. 
              1962 - James Meredith was escorted to the campus of the University of MS 
                         by federal marshals.