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1st      1914 - Ralph Waldo Ellison, author of the seminal African-
                      American novel, The Invisible Man, is born(d.1994).
           1967 - The United States House of Representatives voted on
                       this date to exclude Adam Clayton Powell from the 
                       90th Congress.
2nd     1807 - The United States Congress declares the importation of
                       slaves illegal, to take place January 1, 1808.
           1865 - The Freedmans Bureau is founded for African-American
           1867 -  Howard University is founded by an act of the 
3rd      1821 - Thomas L. Jennings is the 1st African-American to be
                       granted a patent in the United States, for his technique
                       to "dry-scour" clothes.
           1877 - Inventor, Garrett Morgan, is born.
           1960 - Laurean Rugumbwa, a Black Tanganyikan, is named to
                       the College of Cardinals.
4th      1932 - The recognized "Empress of African Song", Zenzi
                       Miriam Mekeba, is born. (d.11/10/08)
           1944 - R&B and Blues singer, songwriter
                      (Across 110th Street/I Can Understand It/Breezing)
                      and guitar player, Bobby Womack, is born.
5th      1770 - Chrispus Attucks, is the 1st person to be killed at the
                       "Boston Massacre".
6th      1857 - The United States Supreme Court rules against 
                       citizenship for African-Americans in the Dred Scott
            1925 - Jazz guitar innovator, Wes montgomery, is
            1957 - The African country of Ghana gains independence.
7th      1539 - Northern African, Esteban de Dorantes sets out on a 
                       historical exploration of what is now known as
                       Southwestern United States.
           1908 - Artist, Spingarn medal recipient, Robert S. Pious, is
           1917 - Janet Collins, prima ballerina and the 1st African 
                       American to perform at the Metropolitan Opera House, 
                       is born. 
8th     1876 - After three years of controversy, the United States 
                      Senate refuses to seat P.B.S. Pinchback, elected as
                      Louisiana senator.
          1945 - Phyllis Mae Daley receives her commission as ensign
                      in the Navy Nurse Corps and becomes the 1st African-
                      American nurse to serve in active duty in World War II.
9th      1841 - The United States Supreme Court declares the 
                       Amistad mutineers free.
           1871 - Two time Congressman from Illinois, Oscar DePriest is
                       born in Florence, Alabama. 
10th    1845 - Women's rights activist Hallie Quinn Brown is born in 
                       Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
           1861 - El-Hadj Omar, Tukulor conqueror, starts his empire with
                       the capture of Segu.
           1913 - Harriet Tubman, the most famous leader of the 
                      "Underground Railroad", dies in Auburn, New York. (b.1820?)
11th    1956 - A manifesto denouncing the United states Supreme
                      Court ruling on segregation in public schools is issued
                      by 100 Southern Senators and Representatives.
           1959 - Lorraine Hansberry's award winning play, A Raisin In
                      The Sun, opens at the Barrymore Theatre on Broadway
                      with Sidney Portier and Claudia McNeil in the lead
12th    1791 - Benjamin Banneker and Pierre Charles L'Enfant are
                       commissioned to plan and develop Washington, D.C.
            1894 - "Mississippi" John Hurt, is born(d.1966)
            1932 - Andrew Young, Georgia Representative and U.S. 
                       Ambassador to the United Nations during the Carter
                       administration, is born.
13th     1773 - Jean Baptiste Point du Sable estabished the 1st 
                       permanent settlement now known as Chicago, Illinois.
            1794 - Based on the ideas and plans of a slave, Eli Whitney 
                       patented the cotton gin.
            1865 - Orders are given to conscript Blacks into the
                      Confederate Army.
            1977 - Fannie Lou Hamer, activist, dies. (b.10/06/1917)
14th     1933 - Composer, musician, and music producer Quincy D. 
                       Jones, is born.
15th     1960 - 350 protestors are arrested and kept in stockades in
                       Orangeburg, South Carolina.
            1965 - President Lyndon Baines Johnson, using his prestige
                       and position to take advantage of national emotions 
                       after a voting rights demonstration in Selma, Alabama, 
                       tries to garner support for the Voting Rights Act by 
                       addressing a joint session of Congress with a speech
                       titled "We Shall Overcome".

16th      1806 - Norbert Rillieux, inventor of sugar refining, is born.
             1827 - The 1st African-American college graduate, John
                        Russworm, and his associate, Reverand Samuel 
                         Cornish, begin publication of the 1st African- American
                        newspaper, Freedom's Journal.
             1960 - San Antonio, Texas becomes the 1st large southern
                        city to integrate lunch counters.
17th      1863 - Newly declared Republic of Texas abolishes the slave
             1898 - Blanche Kelso Bruce, the 1st African-American to 
                         serve a full term in the Senate, dies.
             1910 - Civil rights advocate and former director of the A. 
                         Phillip Randolph Foundation, is born in West Chester,
                         PA. (d.5/16/1979)
             1919 - Singer, stylist, Nat"King"Cole, is born in Montgomery,
18th       1809 - Gabriel de la Concepcion Valdes(Placido), poet, is 
                        born in Havana, Cuba.
             1895 - 200 African-Americans set sail from Savannah, 
                        Georgia to Monrovia, Liberia to found a colony of freed
             1901 - William H. Johnson, painter, is born in Florence, S.C.
19th       1930 - Jazz saxophonist and innovator of a unique phrasing 
                          style, Ornette Coleman is born, in Fort Worth, Texas.
20th       1883 - Enabling the mass production of shoes, Jan Matzeliger
                          invents and receives a patent for the shoe-lasting
              1910 - Internationally known artist, Allan Rohan Crite, is born. 
21st       1492 - Portuguese Pilot Alonzo Pietro sets sail with
              1899 - British and French reach an accord about West Africa.
              1902 - Blues composer and singer, Eddie James "Sun" 
                         House is born.     
              1934 - Award winning actor, Al Freeman, Jr., is born.
              1941 - Joe Louis knocks out Abe Simon for the Heavyweight
             1945 - Diva, Arnetta Corprew, is born.
             1955 - Walter White, NAACP leader, dies in New York City.     
             1960 - Police kill 72 at Sharpeville, South Africa and outlaw 
                        the African National Congress.
             1975 - Ethiopia ends monarchy after 3000 yrs.
             1985 - Tennis Great Arthur Ashe is inducted into the Tennis
                         Hall of Fame.
             1990 - The African country of Namibia becomes independent
                        of South Africa, with Sam Nujoma as President.
22nd      1942 - Jazz guitar great, George Benson, is born in 
                         Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
             1967 - The Alabama State Board of Education is ordered by
                         federal Court to begin desegregation of all schools.
23rd     1873 - Puerto Rico abolishes slavery.
             1910 - The National Urban League is Founded.
             1916 - Marcus Garvey arrives in New York from Jamaica.
24th      1837 - Canada gives Blacks the right to vote.
             1912 - Dorothy Irene Height, 1st president of the National
                        Council of Negro Women, womens and family rights
                        advocate, is born.
             1963 - Carl T. Rowan begins his appointment as Ambassador
                        to Finland.
             1967 - On this day Dr. Martin Luther King publicly announces
                        his opposition to the Viet-Nam War.
             2002 - Halle Berry becomes the 1st African-American woman 
                        woman to win a best actress oscar.  Denzel 
                        Washington becmes only the second African-American
                         male to win best actor
25th       1887 - Samori, builder of the Wasulu Empire, signs the Treaty 
              1931 - Ida B. Wells-Barnett, journalist, anti-lynching activist,
                         and founding member of the NAACP, dies in Chicago, 
             1931 - The Scottsboro Eight are arrested.
             1942 - The "Queen of Soul", Aretha Franklin, is born.
             1966 - The United States Supreme Court outlaws Poll Tax in
                        all elections.
26th       1872 - Thomas J. Martin, patented the fire extinguisher.
              1937 - William Hastie is appointed the 1st African-Ameican
              1962 - Arch Bishop Joseph Francis Rummel ordered all
                         Roman Catholic schools in New Orleans diocese to
                        end segregation of it's students.
27th       1924 - Sarah Vaughn, Jazz vocalist, musical legend, is born.
              1934 - Arthur Mitchell, executive director of the Dance
                         Theatre of Harlem, is born.
              1962 - Artist, sculptor and mentor, Augusta Savage, dies in 
                         New York City. 
28th       1799 - The State of New York abolishes slavery.
              1870 - Jonathan S. Wright becomes the 1st African-
                         American state supreme Court justice in South
              1909 - The Crazy Snake Uprising of Creek Indians and
                         Seminole Negroes, in Kansas, begins.
              1918 - Singer, actor, Pearl Bailey, is born(d.1991).
              1925 - Countee Cullen wins Phi Beta Kappa honors at New
                         York University.
              1965 - Crystal Bird Fauset, the 1st African-American woman
                         to be elected to the State Legislature in Pennsylvania, 
29th       1815 - Napoleon Bonaparte abolishes the trading of slaves in
                          the French empire.
              1967 - Florida, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and 
                         Mississippi are ordered to desegregate all school 
                         grades by the Fall of 1967.
              1972 - The 1st Black Community Survival Conference,
                          organized by the Black Panther Party, is held in 
                         Oakland, California.
30th        1870 - The 15th amendment to the United States 
                           Constitution goes into effect, giving "all, males, 
                           regardless of race, color or previous condition of
               1963 - Capt. Edward J. Dwight becomes the 1st African-
                           American to train as an astronaut.
31st        1871 - Jack Johnson, the 1st African-American heavyweight 
                          champion, is born.
               1960 - Pope Pius XII appoints Laurian Rugmbwa of Tanzania
                          as the 1st African Cardinal of the Modern Era.
              1988 - Toni Morrison is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her 
                          novel, Beloved.

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